The Morning Grind


Most people have a morning routine, you know, all the stuff they do while still half asleep and trying to let their eyes adjust to the blinding light that is the 6am sun here in Southern California. My kiddo and I are no different. It usually starts with me asking myself if I remembered to set the coffee pot the night before or if I need to make coffee, depending on the answer, I hit the snooze button. Then the thought comes into my head on whether or not I laid out Bella’s clothes the night before or not, again, depending on the answer I hit the snooze button. By this time I now know I need to get up and get the day going.

So it starts with me falling out of bed, grabbing a cup of aforementioned coffee, tossing the frying pan on the stove to get the smell of bacon in the air. I then go into my kiddos room and determine how I will be waking her up this fine morning. This is usually great fun for me, however today she happened to have already woken up and was hiding under the covers waiting to pounce the moment I got close enough. Decisions, decisions…

I decided to take the chicken way out and just called her into the dining room for breakfast. This started our morning conversations…

Bella: “Daddy I want toast with peanut butter, just peanut butter, no jelly.”

Me: “I forgot to get bread yesterday, how about bacon?”

Bella: “OK…can I have carrots too?”

Me: “How about some eggs?”

Bella: “No.  I want carrots.”

Me: “You really want carrots with your bacon?”

Bella: “Yup.”

In my mind I am trying really hard to rationalize why she would want carrots with bacon, but bacon does make everything better, and really, who am I to question a 5 year old when they are asking for vegetables.

Me: “Sure kiddo, here you go.”

So she didn’t eat the carrots but mowed through the bacon…suckered by a 5 year old once again.

Last modified: August 23, 2013

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