The Joys of Having a Daughter


So, here I am at 7:40 am, standing outside my daughter’s school waiting for some bell to ring so they will open the gate into the kindergarten playground, watching my daughter run around with a little boy from her class…yes I know his name, and yes I refuse to acknowledge that my daughter is growing up and will be cultivating friendships like this for the rest of her life.  The only thing I am thinking about at this moment is how did she grow up so fast?  And then it happens…she reaches out and grabs his hand to hold it…I felt my feet moving before my brain caught up and I realized that I was about to charge a 5 year old for something that he didn’t even do.  So I took a breath, watched, and to the credit of the 5 year old boy, he pulled away and continued playing.  He would be safe for another day.  Now what am I going to do with my daughter…

Of course I know this is all innocent child’s play, but it did get my wheels spinning.  I will have to deal with this someday.  Will I be able to be one of those parents that can accept that and slide gracefully into that period of my child’s life?  Or will I be that guy sitting on the couch cleaning his gun and drinking a bottle of whiskey the first time she brings a boy over to the house?  I’m comfortable settling somewhere in the middle.

For now I will make small talk with the parents, control my impulses and cherish every time my kiddo comes running up to me to wrap her little arms around me and squeeze as hard as she can while she tells me she loves me.

Last modified: September 17, 2013

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